Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just an update...

So, our HSKS prompt this week was in the spirit of funny. That's really funny, because the jokes have been bouncing around in the House Cup lately too. This was my favorite that someone else posted:

How many Slytherins does it take to light a wand?

Six. One to light it, one to gloat over it, one to steal it, and three to look impressive.

How many Ravenclaws does it take to light a wand?

Just one, because she stayed up all night studying on how to do it properly.

How many Hufflepuffs does it take to light a wand?

Only one, but they’re so loyal she’ll probably tell you it took the whole house.

How many Gryffindors does it take to light a wand?

None. Gryffindors? We do not fear the dark!

hehehehe.... :)

We were also prompted to show some photos of ourselves that reflect the funny, so I dug around, and couldn't really find all that much. This is what I've got. They're not all of me. (obviously)

I think I posted these first ones once before, but this is such a funny little moment that I can't help but post them again.

I came in from the laundry or something one day a few years ago to find this little scene taking place. That's what I get for leaving my laptop running...(this fun little moment was brought to you by my boyfriend's fun sense of humor!)

This is Bear.

Here's what he was looking at:

This next little gem was brought to you by a very unique church in Spain, the Mezquita. Ironic, isn't it? (as was walking straight out of the Mezquita, and finding a Burger was really right across the street! The sign made me LOL!)

This last one actually has me in it, and was also taken in Spain, a bit over 2 years ago. We're in front of this gorgeous cathedral, and I'm the girl in the purple. I really got made fun of for this picture, look how excited I am to be there! (I had been napping on the bus, and had only been awake a little bit when we took this...and I had already decided I'd rather still be on the bus sleeping...)

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