Monday, July 28, 2008

because I like things that are different...

...i have joined Yaperture, a peer based photography site. How it works is you submit photos, and then the community votes on all submitted photos, and highly rated photos are eligible to be sold on the site for a while. It's a pretty neat thing, actually. Or thus far, for the 16 hours I've been involved.

check out the photos I submitted, and give me a nudge, will ya??

Solitary Moment
en fuego

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Etsy Owls Treasury

Check us out before the treasury expires on Saturday!

because we're all on SALE!!!

Check out the Etsy Owls team sale :)

Starting on Monday, July 21st, the Owls are on sale. Here's a list of all participating shops and their specials. Click each shop name to visit their shop. Sale ends 8/3/08.

Free Shipping on all jewelry.
Free earrings of your choice with any knitted or paper purchase.

Free shipping over $10 in the u.s. and half off shipping over $10 out of the states.

25% off all regular, non-custom pieces, and free domestic shipping.

Free domestic standard shipping on non-custom sales. Does not apply to expedited shipping. Sale items are marked as clearance and already marked down.

Free shipping on jewelry, half price shipping on knits and other fiber products
25% off OR pay full price and I donate 25% to the Owl Foundation

Pick Your Special! Mix and Match!

Shop by special and section. Specials include: Buy one Get one Free, 75% & 50% off with a free gift & reduced shipping rates, and Free Shipping. Prints are Buy a Print, Get a Print half off with free worldwide shipping. There's also a Charity section where each item donates a percentage to the Owl Foundation.

Each description will describe the special for that item. Listings have been changed to reflect discounts on both price and shipping. 'Free' items from the BOGO section can be any item storewide of equal or lesser value.


******SAVE SOME GAS AND SHOP ONLINE: FREE SHIPPING - As part of the Etsy Owls Team sale I'm offering free shipping on everything in my shop from 7/20 - 7/31******* (free shipping only includes first class)

Free Shipping!

CorkysCookies OR afabricqueen

$2 off all International shipments and Free UK Shipment!
20¢ per item sold will be donated to the Owl Foundation!

Free Worldwide Shipping in Clearance section

Free Worldwide Shipping Storewide!

$5.00 off shipping on all items storewide.

10% off all orders and 20% off all custom orders!!


75% of all purchases from the Owls shop, OfftheWall, will be donated to the Owl Foundation, an organization in Canada that helps rehabilitate owls to return to the wild. Each team member has items in the team shop, so check us out!

Buy Handmade

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I like sharing...

I like all these random things on the internet, and I never tell anyone about them. So i'm going to start posting them, every few days, as I think of what they are. Today my random share of the day is , which is at the most basic a online comic strip, a blog, and lots of fun fangear.

That comic above is the beginning of my love for Goats. I have the Republicans for Voldemort t-shirt, it's actually my second one! Go fall in love. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Etsy Owls team sale

This is my first advertisement for our 2 week team sale. We're incredibly excited, and some of us are offering some really amazing specials!

About ten of our members are participating, which is about 50% of our team. We're still ironing out all the kinks, but I wanted to go ahead and start our advertising now. The sale starts on Monday, and we're going to be promoting on our blog and in the Etsy forums too, and when get all the official sales announcements in, I'm going to be posting them here too.

For my sale, I'm running a 'Pick Your Special' Sale--I will be changing my shop sections into various types of sales. You can shop by section to pick your sale, and buy more than one item & mix and match specials from different sections! Specials are going to include buy one get one free, 75% off, and free shipping. Our team shop, Off the Wall, is going to be donating 75% of all purchases to The Owl Foundation in Canada, because, we are, after all, Owls.

I'm going to be offering special limited edition print sets in the shop to benefit those Owls, so stay tuned for those details and a whole lot more as we have them!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

75% off!!!

Until I get up in the morning (at 9 am EST time), all of my third page items are 75% off and come with a free print. Purchases under 5.00 get a free 4x6, over 5.00 get a 5x7, and over 10.00 get TWO 5x7 prints. Purchase must be over 5 or 10 before shipping to get 5x7 prints.

Click the title or click here to see my 3rd page.

woo great deals!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sale oh sale!

I decided to have a weekend sale on the third page of my Etsy shop. Right now, all items on my third page are 50% off, it's a lot of really great items at great prices! Like, all of these items!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

because blogging at 12:30 am is therapeutic...(warning. this post could make you angry.)

So, I seriously had to use to look up how to spell 'therapeutic'. Moments like this make me wonder why they gave me a college degree. This thought is also triggered by my inability to figure percentages of random numbers.

Now, in reality, I know that my degree is in neither spelling nor percentage figuring, or anything close to either...though I suppose spelling is big part of a foreign language...but if we want to go there I don't even know how to say 'therapeutic' in Spanish, which might make me feel worse, so I don't think I need to go there.

Okay, so maybe blogging in the wee hours is not a good idea. i posted this because I wanted to talk about how i really really want to start writing more. And sharing more. And then I realized that I don't have what i wanted to share on this computer because I'm on my new laptop (yeah baby!) so now, i just spent like 20 minutes looking through my email (note to self, clean up my email) and i could've typed that poem like 9 dozen times by now...*sigh*

So, enough of that, here's this. If you didn't know I'm sort of a raging liberal, I am, and this poem might make you a wee bit angry if you aren't. Don't hate me. :-)

Note: This poem references a line from Allen Ginsberg's America, which is "America, I used to be a communist when I was a kid and I'm not sorry". The original inspiration for this poem was a class exercise to pick a line from a poem and be inspired by, or write off of this line. So i did it and I love it.

Dear America

I am ashamed of you. My shame grows stronger every time I watch the news.
You hide your mass destruction in the closet with your love for the Contras, Pinochet…
and your distaste for all things progressive.
How many skeletons are there, in that closet,
where you hide the truth about your lies?
Aside from the bodies coming home under that flag of yours,
you kill children, mothers—innocent people who have never wronged you.
Decades later, we still mourn for Vietnam—-yet the millions who died did not teach you.
You hide behind the fallacy of democracy, as though democracy alone can cure the world.
It has not saved you, you wretched whore of a country.
America, you have abandoned your children, your future.
You give us nothing…but expect us to be fed by our First Amendment rights.
You denigrate those who do not meet your standards---the indigenous, the forced.
You hose your own down in the streets when they call you out for your hypocrisy.
Your elderly are forced to push french fries to pay their bills, and your middle class is shrinking because we cannot afford you, but you call yourself successful.
I think I wanted to be a communist when I was a kid and I’m not sorry.
Now I want to be free of all of this, of all you stand for underneath those stars and stripes.
I want you to be something I am proud of.

Monday, July 07, 2008

because I haven't shared this here yet...

Please note that this post contains movie spoilers and if you have not seen Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by now, then seriously, it deserves to be spoiled.

Some of you might know that I am also at Livejournal (though I really don't post there much anymore...)

Anyway, the point of that statement is to bring up one of my favorite things about Livejournal, which would be Movies in 15 Minutes which, if you like movies and you like parodies, is the most glorious thing since, well, probably sliced bread. And I really like sliced bread.

She does all sorts of movies, and has a book that has some in it that I really want to read. I highly recommend checking her out. She might make your day.

Here's a snipet from my favorite one that I've ever read of hers, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is actually two snipets, both times when Harry is in the woods with Sirius, the original time and then the travelbackintime time:

Part 1:
Somewhere in the Hogwarts Woods

Harry must conjure a Patronus before the Dementors suck off Siriusdog’s face.







HARRY: *cries*

DEMENTORS: *dement*

PATRONUS: *finally gets off his ass and prances stagfully*


THE AUDIENCE: What? Where?

DEMENTORS: Run away! We are powerless against Bambi’s dad!

HARRY: *falls over*

Later in the story, Part 2 (the italics in this part are the original scene being witnessed by the part 2 Harry and Hermione)

Somewhere Else in the Hogwarts Woods



HARRY: All right, here comes my dad.

HERMIONE: Uh, Harry...?



HARRY: Any minute now...

HERMIONE: Uh... Harry?



HARRY: *cries*

HERMIONE: Uh, Harry? I'm pretty sure you and Sirius are about to die here.


PATRONUS: *prances stagfully*


DEMENTORS: Run away! We are powerless against Bambi’s dad!


HERMIONE: I think I saw a porno like that once.

© 2004 Cleolinda Jones. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Over in Etsyville & Owltown...

Hey. There's a ton of stuff going on in Etsytown today.

  • Voting for the Etsy Owls June's creative challenge has begun. Vote here

  • We're also taking votes for a new banner for the Owl shop. Votes are being done in a poll on the blog, vote here

  • Also, Poppy, my little Challenge entry tomato, is in a treasury:

Click here to see it live and in person (sorta...). It expires on the 3rd at like 8:30 pm.

Check back often to see what's going on in Etsyville & Owltown
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