Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sudoku Madness! (HSKS)

So, I just remembered how much I'm in love with Sudoku. Seriously. I'm not really a numbers person, but there's something in the structure and logic behind Sudoku that makes me ♥ it. The HSKS homework this week was doing some Sudoku's to get certain highlighted numbers, use the key to convert them to letters, and then unscramble them to find a word related to the Potter universe.

I downloaded them, then uploaded them into a Google doc so I could play around with the spreadsheet, and also used the margins to take notes about each row, column, and 3x3 square as I needed it.

This led me to realize how much easier they are to play on the computer!

Now I'll have to find somewhere to play them online!

HSKS Sudoku answers were:

Puzzle 1: Dobby
Puzzle 2: Harry Potter
Puzzle 3: Hogs Head

Friday, May 21, 2010

Quidditch! (HSKS)

I'm playing Quidditch this weekend, I'm pretty excited!

If only it were as cool as taking the skies with a real broomstick and the world had magic, and I could keep going on and on forever in my Harry Potter geekness, but I'll stop. :)

The Quidditch I'm playing is a rather nifty version over in a Ravelry group I'm in, where it's done mixing knitting and crocheting (done by the chasers as the ways to make goals) with Harry Potter trivia (done by beaters!) and an extensive snitch-hunting Internet quest! It's quite an elaborate set-up, and I'm excited to get to play in the upcoming match.

I'll write how it goes after the match Sunday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a Cartoon Moment...

Poor Snoopy...

This came from the Editorial Cartoons Gallery over at USAToday.com

Just an update...

So, our HSKS prompt this week was in the spirit of funny. That's really funny, because the jokes have been bouncing around in the House Cup lately too. This was my favorite that someone else posted:

How many Slytherins does it take to light a wand?

Six. One to light it, one to gloat over it, one to steal it, and three to look impressive.

How many Ravenclaws does it take to light a wand?

Just one, because she stayed up all night studying on how to do it properly.

How many Hufflepuffs does it take to light a wand?

Only one, but they’re so loyal she’ll probably tell you it took the whole house.

How many Gryffindors does it take to light a wand?

None. Gryffindors? We do not fear the dark!

hehehehe.... :)

We were also prompted to show some photos of ourselves that reflect the funny, so I dug around, and couldn't really find all that much. This is what I've got. They're not all of me. (obviously)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

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