Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spain has made my day, for real....

This hasn't hit the American news yet in any scope other than through Talking Points Memo but in Spain today there's a lot of news coverage on McCain. In an interview done for a Spanish radio station (I think), McCain talked at length about various Latin American countries and how he wanted to try to establish relationships with countries that could be our allies. In the ending part of the interview, the reporter asks McCain if he were elected president, would he want to establish relations with Zapatero (the current leader of Spain). McCain then reiterates the fact that he wants to establish relationships with countries that are deserving of our allegiance. The reporter goes back and forth like four times with him, and he continues to talk about Spain as if it were a Latin American country. Finally, the reporter is actually like, I'm talking about Spain, in EUROPE.


As of this point, the only audio available is a Spanish recording of the interview. I listened to it and can, even with my Spanish being what it is, understand the parts at the end where he seems to seriously not know where Spain is. There is a English version of the interview, because you can hear English in parts of it, like McCain talking in the background behind the voice over translation.

I really hope this hits our news, it's making waves in Spanish news today. I don't know when the interview was done, but the coverage is today's, so I'm hopeful it's worth picking up on. And knowing the way some news coverage LOVES McCain, I'm really hopeful.


CagedBirdSings said...

I love you Jamie, and your wonderful new music I've never heard of.

and your awesome links to sound clips <3.

J-Mi said...

aw, thanks! i can fill you full of wonderful music!

Aishah O said...

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