Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rethinking Shipping...

I'm a die hard ship from the post office person. I always have been. I live within ten minutes walking distance from the post office, and it's a nice, good for me walk, and I usually go a few times a week. Hell, I'd go every day if someone bought something. :)


Last week I went to mail a package (which was Holly's Scarf ). There were two people in line in front of me, one at the counter. This is about normal for our small little p.o., but the line normally moves quite quickly.


the lady at the counter was getting a ton of certified letters, so many that those little slips they give you back, the stack was like 3 inches tall! I stood in like for 40 minutes waiting to send that package.

For the first time I'm leaning more towards starting to ship from home, but I wouldn't even have a clue about how to start.

Anyone who reads this ship from home? Have suggestions for me?

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Ann Wilkinson said...

Hi, you can always check with Pitney Bowes about a postage meter. You pay in advance for the postage, and you can add to it by phone or maybe online. You'll get a scale and labels, you can weigh and measure and calculate your own postage. USPS.gov is also a good website for assistance with calculating postage to anywhere in the world. Then, you still get to walk to the Post Office but you don't have to stand on line!

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