Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guess what is mostly black and has three columns?

My blog has moved up into the world of three columns! I'm so freakin excited!!! I've been sad over the left hand space on my blog for a loooonnnng time, and I keep hoping that Blogger will release a template that uses that extra space. Well, they haven't.

Finally deciding to see if I could solve my issues on my own, I went out and started looking to see if I was alone in my desires. Turns out I'm far from not alone, and I found Blogger Buster, this amazing little article that told me exactly how to add a third column to my blog using HTML editing! How exciting!

So, now I'm rolling in third column status. The only bad thing about this is I lost all the blogs on my 'I Like To Read' list (now heading up my left hand column), so if you're reading me and you think I used to read you but have forgotten your blog address (I know I lost several funny blogs in this process) PLEASE comment. Or just comment anyway. I love blogs, and have a whole column with room for them now!

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