Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The "What I Like" Post

This is the Post of Things I like. :)

Favorite Colors: Green & Purple are my absolute favorite colors. I love all shades of green, even the light and lime colors, but I prefer the darker colors. Same with Purple. I'm also fond of burnt-orange, browns, and blue (like medium blues...). Sky blue and burnt orange together makes my heart sing. :)

Favorite Scents:

I have to be careful with scents, because lots of things make me sneeze. I can't wear any perfumes or body sprays, but I'm largely okay with lotions and such. See 'Little Things I Like' below. Also things like household scents are largely out, because my DBF also sneezes, and different things make us sneeze.
Favorite Yarn Brands:

I am largely unexperienced with yarn brands. I really covet some Koigu PPPM, because it's so freakin' pretty...I really like Mirasol Yarns, Knit Picks (love all KP but WOTA Bulky makes my heart sing, especially those handdyed colorways...yum!), and I recently fell in love with Moda Dea's Tweedle Dee (of course I did, they've discontinued it...) My regular stand by yarns are Patons Classic Wool Merino & Wool Ease. :)
Favorite Yarn Types:

I don't like yarns that scream 'felt me!', because they're usually rough and harsh. I like wools, but softer wools (or superwash wools are good too). Cottons are great with me, and I tend to enjoy blends: cotton blends, wool blends, etc. I'm on a super bulky yarn kick, love me some chunky chunky yarn! :) I don't have a lot of experience with sock yarn, so far I've been good enough to not buy it (because I've never made socks, lol!) I'm also working on collecting some bare colored wools that I can dye, because I'm experimenting with kool-aid dyeing!
Favorite Needles:

I'm just not picky about needles. Coming from a crochet background, a hook's a hook IMO. I'm realizing this is different with knitting, but I still haven't figured out my favorites. I've got a nice little variety, a pair of bamboo, some wooden needles, and a slew of metal needles. I did get a Knit Picks Zephyr (size 6 tips) circ for Christmas, which I love, and I'm always looking to collect more tip sizes, etc.

Favorite Snacks:

I love Dark Chocolate (but I like my chocolate without nuts in it!). I also love mint, so anything with Dark Chocolate + Mint = Win (like 3 Musketeers Mint, Andes Mints, or those Ghirardelli Dark Mint squares....*drools* I'm not overly fond of peanut butter mixed with chocolate. I also like Wonka stuff like Gobstoppers, Runts, Nerds, etc... all that bad for you candy, and Sour Patch kids and those neon sour worms...yum....I also like coffee (just about anything coffee or coffee flavored), hot chocolate (yum!) and tea (any kind of tea, but i especially like fruit related teas!)

Little Things I Like:

Tiny lotions or liquid bath soaps, things like Bath & Body Works, Burts Bees, etc. I love Cucumber Melon and Pomegranate anything. :)
Lip Balms, because I can't ever have enough of that stuff.
Koolaid for dyeing (shades of cherry, grape, and greens are my favorites)
Soak Wash! I've recently discovered how awesome it is! I don't have a favorite scent yet because I'm still trying little samples Soak sent me.
Stationary, particulary tiny little notebooks with hard covers on them.

Allergies: Don't mail me cigarettes or a puppy, and I'll be okay. Wait, please mail me a puppy. I'll sneeze, but it's a puppy!!!  Unless he smokes, then you can keep him. ;)


The Ultimate List  (will grow, and has Etsy and stuff on it too, since my Etsy favorites are a disaster zone!)

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