Monday, March 29, 2010

Warning: Harry Potter Geekery Ahead!

I've joined the HSKS over on Ravelry! 
What does that mean? This means that for the next few months, my blog will become host to miss Genevra Dreamy, who is experiencing her first term at Hogwarts. The group is a swap group, so we send and receive a package by the end of the three month term, but along the way there's a lot of fun Hogwarts activities to get into! Like the HPKCHC, where I already practically live, there's homework and Quidditch! One of the main differences is that each participant picks a character name, and plays through that character during the term. So Genevra is mine, chosen because I ♥ Ginny (and Genevra is a cool Italian way to spell her name. :)) and Dreamy comes from my username, suenosdejmi. I'm pretty bad at coming up with things like that, and I've never done any character playing before, so this will be very new to me.

I'll be tagging my posts with HSKS when relevant, so if you want or need to follow along (Hi Poppy, if you ever read this!) you can find all my posts in one nice spot! I'm hoping to use this as a chance to get my blog back active again, so it'll be mixed with Etsy post and other such things, as always.

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