Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Giving a little back...

This time of year makes my brain start thinking about charity. I always try to do little things to give back year round. I donate clothing to my local non-profit instead of tossing it in the trash (people don't do that, there's always somewhere local that will take things!) and when we use them, I also donate my soda cans to the same place (because they get them crushed for money.)

Sometimes I'll randomly give a dollar or two to some foundation, but it really takes cold weather and the holiday season each year before I start thinking harder about giving back.

Every year the above mentioned local non-profit organization, Appalachian Outreach, (which just happens to be a branch out of my alma mater) does a Coats for the Cold drive here locally. I always try to give something, or at least help out with collecting coats and accessories from other people. This year, I just happen to be downsizing in my Etsy shop and I've got bunches of hand-crafted scarves and hats that haven't found happy homes. So I'm making a box full and taking them down to AO to be part of the Coats for the Cold drive next week.

I highly encourage everyone to find out if there's a local Coats for the Cold drive in your area any time in the next few weeks, and if there is, to find something that you could donate for the good of others this winter. Or do something to give back. I'm a pretty big fan of Toys for Tots too, and I try to do that every year, or another local toy drive. Even if it's just something little, it makes a big difference to people who maybe can't afford a new coat, or scarves and hats for that matter, or kids who aren't going to have a great Christmas for whatever reason.

So, go and give a little back! Right now! :)

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