Sunday, October 04, 2009

Adventures of the Traveling Scarf!

As I've mentioned before, I spend a lot of my time over at the HPKCHC (Go Slytherin!). Well, this glorious idea came about to start a round robin type traveling scarf group, and it was so overwhelming received that it got its own Ravelry Group.

There are about 50 people in four different groups currently making scarves. I'm just blown away by how neat of an idea this actually is. I didn't take a picture of my square (because I'm a bit of an idiot sometimes, really) but I've requested one from Australia where my scarf currently is. Yep, Australia! Isn't that the coolest?

By the time my scarf arrives at me again, it will have visisted several spots in Australia, England, and have taken a scenic tour of these United States. There are 12 of us total in each scarf group.

I only recently got the first scarf from the person above me on the list (she's in New Hampshire). We each add our own yarn and pattern/stitch of our choice to each scarf, following some basic rules set by the owner of the end scarf. I really hope she's not out there somewhere, about to read my blog, because I'm about to post a picture of her scarf on it. :)

waits to make sure....

Okay then. Her starter piece was this nice little knitted cable section, sooo soft and pretty. I started on the same end as her cast on and did a nice little front post/back post ribbed section in a pretty green. Even though I can knit, I'm not planning on knitting on anyone's scarves unless they want knitting only, as I'm not very good at anything except basic stockinette just yet.

I feel really special to be taking part in something so cool, and I'm going to share pictures of the scarves as I get them and work on them.  I'm hoping I can still get a picture of my original starter from Australia without anything else on it yet (I want my scarf to be a surprise) and I'll post that too. So, that's me, how are you?

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