Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Denver Wanderings

I can't believe I waited an entire month before I blogged any about Denver! I had such an awesome experience out there with Man and Kristen, and I blogged on the Owls Blog about some of our crafty adventures. It involves whore cups and penguin stamps, and is definitely a worthy read.

Rather than repeat that all here, I'd like to put up a few different photos. You can see my entire album on Facebook.

I really enjoyed the scenic vistas out at Red Rocks and of course took a bunch of pictures out there. They were getting ready for a concert, so we couldn't actually see the ampitheatre itself, but we still got very close, closer than this actually but I just love this picture.

Downtown Denver. I just love buildings, and isn't this a beautiful sky??

Me playing with black and white photos and angle. This was a really cool street near where Man lives. It's got lots of cute little shops on it.

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