Wednesday, August 06, 2008

when life gives you lemons...

make lemonade and then cry about it?? Because that's seriously what I feel like doing...

I don't really want to whine through an entire blog entry about how much workplace drama makes me want to sit and cry...but I really want some advice, or some feedback, or at least a public place to admit that I am 1)a pushover and 2)a doormat.

To make a long story shorter the entire episode is over me doing something at work that a coworker felt was her place to do. Only one of us were there, so she got sent somewhere else, and as a natural, logical response, is now mad at me over it. It wouldn't bug me so much except this person is someone i considered a work friend, and now I've basically been agonizing over it since it happened last week. To the point where I'm even thinking about trying to fix it tomorrow at work, when I didn't break it to start with. Thus me being a doormat.

On a more fun note, I made a meal yesterday that was so pretty I decided to take pictures of it to share with the world! This is my meatloaf baking bag, with potatoes, bell peppers, and green onions. No lemons :) It was yummy!

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