Thursday, August 21, 2008

feeling reflective...and sad :(

There's been a lot of sad things happening, on various scales of sadness. I've been really freaked out by the Spanair plane crash in Madrid , which rattles me somewhat because I've flown that airline and been in that airport, more than once. That's probably really silly, to be freaked out by that, but I am. It could've happened months ago and I could have been there...

I don't know.

Closer to home, there was
a shooting at a school in Knoxville, apparently for once NOT a random act of violence but an intended act of violence, one kid against another... and not too long after a guy stormed into a church there and shot a bunch of people. Knoxville's still very fragile, for obvious reasons...

These last two are nowhere near the scale of the first two, but still hit my mind as highly annoying. The first one is a sad day on the Harry Potter front, as they are pushing back the release of the Half Blood Prince to stinking July 17th, 2009. I just don't get it, because they have already released previews and already got us all excited, and the pulled it right out from in under us. I'm really angry, and if it were anything else I'd be pissed off enough to boycott the movie alltogether, except, who boycotts a Potter film?? Well, I guess these people do, oh, these people too... way to piss off a massive Fandom, Warner Bros. Seriously.

The last bit of icing lately is the fact that they are making a reality show just a county over from where I live. Called Outsider's Inn, it's about a bed and breakfast ran out in the sticks and it supposedly is really, really stereotypical of Southern people. As someone who lives right next door, I'm pretty angry about the portrayal of such a stereotype. But, also, I know that in some ways some of those stereotypes ARE But it really upsets me that Tennessee's hit the television in such a bad way.

Okay. I guess that's the end of the rant.

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twinklescrapbooks said...

I hope you feel better soon. I have been reflective and depressed myself. Life is just stressful nowadays, huh? I think I need to paint or use playdoh or something to get in touch with my inner child and de-stress!

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