Thursday, July 17, 2008

Etsy Owls team sale

This is my first advertisement for our 2 week team sale. We're incredibly excited, and some of us are offering some really amazing specials!

About ten of our members are participating, which is about 50% of our team. We're still ironing out all the kinks, but I wanted to go ahead and start our advertising now. The sale starts on Monday, and we're going to be promoting on our blog and in the Etsy forums too, and when get all the official sales announcements in, I'm going to be posting them here too.

For my sale, I'm running a 'Pick Your Special' Sale--I will be changing my shop sections into various types of sales. You can shop by section to pick your sale, and buy more than one item & mix and match specials from different sections! Specials are going to include buy one get one free, 75% off, and free shipping. Our team shop, Off the Wall, is going to be donating 75% of all purchases to The Owl Foundation in Canada, because, we are, after all, Owls.

I'm going to be offering special limited edition print sets in the shop to benefit those Owls, so stay tuned for those details and a whole lot more as we have them!

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