Thursday, April 16, 2009

Does anyone still do magazines?

I've always loved magazines. I love to pour over a particularly good issue of one of my favorite magazines over and over again. On the rare occasion when I find myself in Knoxville, I love to go into Borders or Barnes and Noble and drool over the massive collection of magazines.

Back in the fall, we found Maghound . Very much like Netflix, with Maghound you pay a monthly subscription fee and they send you X number of magazines of your choice each month. We were signed up for a while waiting on the site to launch. When we first started, we got 5 magazines for under $8 a month.

After a few months of getting magazines that I wanted to read but still haven't had time to (even now there are still several issues of Real Simple and Siempre Mujer are stacked underneath my coffee table waiting for me), we recently dropped down to an even lower package, 3 magazines for $4.95 a month. It's perfect for us, and between our monthly and bi-monthly magazine choices we share the three quite well. We have one magazine pick in common, Poets and Writers . Our other choices make us look somewhat like a small magazine store, my boyfriend getting Discover and National Geographic while so far I've tried everything from a crochet magazine, home & decor magazines, and a few spanish magazines just to practice!

One awesome Maghound feature is if you dislike a magazine, you can just swap it and you get a different magazine the next month. If magazines only come out bi-monthly or quarterly, you set up substitutes and those magazines come instead on the months that your regular magazines aren't around. With several of our picks being magazines that only publish bi-monthly, we've been able to try some new magazines out. I've found that I really like Real Simple, and I get it every few months when there's a substitute (it's on the top of the list). Even though I don't really cook, I also enjoy Saveur , a mouth-watering cooking magazine.

Last month, I decided to venture out on yet another new magazine journey and signed up to get American Photo . I've wanted to try this since the fall, and when it arrived yesterday, I fell in love immediately! So much in fact that I blogged all of this to preface talking about some things I learned about in A.P., which will be coming up in the next few days. So, I'm settling down, picking a regular magazine for a while. Alas, my days of Maghound magazine hopping are over. :) If you like magazines but don't have a lot of great ones in your area, (i.e. you live in the middle of nowhere like me!) or just don't have the time to go browse the bookstore, check them out! There are a lot of magazines that they do not have, but they do have quite a variety!

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maghound alli said...

Hi, my name is Alli, and I work for MAGHOUND. I am glad to hear that you are a fan of MAGHOUND, and that you are taking advantage of the ability to change your magazines from month to month. Thanks for the shout out on your blog, we really appreciate it. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback- I love to hear what MAGHOUND members think. Thanks again, and we're glad to have you on board as a MAGHOUND member!

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