Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stuck in a rut?

I crochet in phases that seem to have no middle ground. I am either obsessing about new designs for my shop and making so many things at once that I can't keep them straight, or I'm having to force myself to pick up a hook and feeling uninspired by the yarn and the piece I'm creating.

I really hate crafting when I'm on the lower end of the spectrum, but it's during those times that I tell myself that crocheting is part of the work I must do and I press on. Happily enough, those low times don't usually last that long, and are far outnumbered by the obsessive times. Right now, I find myself nearing a low time, yet I have three active projects on my plate.

It seems that
legwarmers are somewhat popular right now, and I've never made any, so I decided to try to make a pair. I'm using Lion Brand Homespun in this beautiful grey color and a ribbing pattern that I adapted from the wristband of a pair of crochet mittens. I was about halfway done with the first one when I started hitting my rut, and coincidently, was running out of yarn too. At least my bad mood had good timing. :) But now I've got some more yarn and am ready to get them finished! Probably should, before warm weather gets here. Legwarmers don't go as well with shorts!

My second project is working with a lot of scrap yarn that I've had piling up forever, just little ball and bundles left over from skeins used for scarves and whatnot. I'm making small, 3x3 inch granny squares out of them, most of them using two colors, some three, and hopefully when I get them all done they'll combine into something pretty (most likely a scarf).

My third project I haven't started yet, but have on my brain, and it's my first Saint Patricks day themed item. And probably my only one. My street team, the
Etsy OWLS is having a Saint Patricks Day challenge coming up next week. I have an idea revolving around the tradition of pinching someone who isn't wearing green, I just need to get cracking on it.

Sometimes those ruts have bad timing. :( I would love to hear about what everyone does to get through their own crafting or other type ruts!


presentsforpirates said...

honestly? i bail. i don't even go in my studio when i'm in a rut. i can't face all the cool stuff i own when i know i'm not up to the challenge of utilizing it. what i do, is keep reading. i read blogs, and magazines, and stay in it mentally, and usually i come up with TONS of ideas and inspiration this way, which in turn inspires me to make stuff. it's all a part of being creative, just hang in there and keep crackin'!


knitandpearl said...

I usually just keep starting new projects until one takes. I can't bear to NOT be working on something so I jump between things. Needless to say, I have a ton of project "beginnings" and not so many finished works!

J-Mi said...

Kristen, me too. Yesterday I unraveled a scarf from at least a year ago and started crafting a new one with it last night. And I think it's caught my inspiration, actually. I already feel myself coming back.

I try to kind of be like what Amanda said and not even touch yarn when I'm in a rut because I usually won't like what I make, but it doesn't work... I can't stay away from yarn. :)

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